Thursday, May 07, 2015

The LaMiWa Epic -- Day #1: Dandelions

Distance: 123.6 miles
Climbing: 1,382 feet

I made it to Perrysburg today. The ride has been scenic in some places as the trees are blossoming. There are lots of dandelion blossoms too. I passed a lot of houses with big lawns, and some were covered in dandelions. They look pretty while in blossom. The big thing to do around here must be mowing the lawn because I saw more people out on their lawn mowers than I could count.

I thought that I crossed a state border on bike for the first time today. Then I realized that the first time I had ever done that was when I biked from Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab, Utah along the Kokopelli trail. It was the first time I have ever biked from home to another state though, since I stopped by home on my way from the Michigan capitol builing to here to pick up some things I forgot.

I faced a headwind most of the way today. It made for some very slow going. It was also the first time I tried riding with all my gear and I was surprised at how heavy it was. All of this made today's ride much harder than anticipated. The wind forecast looks more favorable tomorrow than it was today, so hopefully that works out.

Tomorrow's Goal: Wooster, OH or Strasburg, OH if I am feeling it.

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  1. Good job Stephan! Get some good rest tonight.


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