Thursday, March 05, 2015

iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5?

I decided to finally get a phone and join the modern world. For years I have been using an iPod touch for music and internet. So I headed down to T-Mobile to get a new iPhone 6. Oh man! All they stock is the 16g version. No way that will work for me. I wasn't happy, but I finally settled for an Galaxy S5. My daughter is now offering to trade her iPhone 5s for my S5. Should I do it?

  • I use to work for Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) -- I had lunch with Steve Jobs a few times, and he even visited my little office. IPhone wins
  • Size: my kids use to make fun of me because I had an old big cell phone, now they are wanting bigger phones. However, for my bike adventures the smaller size wins. IPhone.  
  • The S5 is water proof. S5
  • I am terrible at spelling. I frequently select a word and hit define to make sure I have the right homonymy (is that the right word?, I don't know how to get android to do that for me.) IPhone
  • Jobs is great, but ironically, given the famous 1984 ad, he turned Apple into big brother. S5
  • Replaceable battery. S5
  • Memory cards. S5
  • App store. I feel like I can download apps from apple and not worry about malware. Android needs a virus scanner. IPhone. 
  • Typing. My daughter installed the google keyboard on myS5. Better but still I liked the iPhone keyboard better. 
  • Autocorrect. It seems the S5 does well here. I was always cursing apples autocorrect. 
What else am I missing? Post your opinions.


  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    The iPhone has a 7 year old interface. Check out how much it costs to replace the charging cable or the charger. Total rip off.

    Your daughter is smart to want the S5 instead of the iPhone.

    BTW, does this mean that you will finally text?

    1. Yes I finally sent and received my first few text messages from/to my wife during my failed trip to Newport.


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