Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some Day I am Going to Be Brave

I always seem to time my visit to the grocery store just right. I round the corner of the isle just as the guy is starting to stock the chips. He throws the boxes of chips around like a disgruntled postal worker. Then pulls the bags of chips out of the box and stuffs them onto the shelf like a lady on vacation trying to fit too many clothes into her suitcase.

Some day I am going to be brave and say, "STOP IT!" and show him how boxes can be handled with care, gently placing the box full of precious tortilla chips on the floor, then how to delicately take a bag of chips and gently place them on the shelf and thus preserve the nice big round chips that are perfect for dipping into salsa.

Yeah some day I will be brave, meanwhile I will just complain about it on Facebook, and try to figure out how to get salsa onto the bag full of tiny crumbs I just bought.

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