Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frozen Coke

One year ago today Hannah brought me what has to be the greatest bottle of coke of all time.

I was completely out of food and exhausted to the point of collapse. The coke was frozen solid. When I saw it I almost cried with joy. I took the coke and threw it into a pot of boiling water and got it all nice and hot. Then I packed it into my Canada Goose parka.

Later that day I pulled it out and it was still warm. It is cold in Antarctica, really cold. In the time it took me to unscrew the lid to the Coke it froze. I hadn't had any carbination for two months. I drank the Coke as fast as I could to get as much as possible before it froze solid. The fizz burned, and the slush was painfully cold. I was able to drink 3/4 of the bottle and then nothing else would come out.

I still think it was the best coke I have ever had.

I just love to ride my bike.

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