Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hybrid Bike Test

Ever since I got the new Giant Hybrid bikes in I have wanted to do a real world test, and commute to and from work with the bike. So I rode the demo bike home yesterday. I would have to say it was an outstanding success, because when I got home my wife asked, "How did you get home so early? Did you close the store early?"
Because the ride from the store to home is mostly up hill having the extra boost got me home faster then normal. Today I rode the bike back to the store. Even though I had given it a good workout going up hill, and spent most of the ride with the bike in the sport mode, I still had plenty of battery charge left.

Yesterday on the way into work I rode my mountain bike. Before I left I asked my wife if I should go on the road or the old railroad bed. Why are wives always right? The snow was still too soft on the railroad bed, so I ended up walking most of the way. I would try riding the bike as often as I could but it always ended up being a "stick it in the lowest gear and pedal as hard as you can to keep upright."

I can defiantly say that was the hardest workout of the year. So contrasting the ride in, in the morning on the mountain bike through the snow, and on the ride home on the Hybrid on the road, the Hybrid was a lot easier. :-) However, frequently after someone takes the Hybrid for a test ride they come back and question if you will really get any exercise on that bike. The answer is yes you can get as much exercise as you want. It just makes it more fun.

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