Friday, February 22, 2008

Pump Track

What does a mountain biker do when the snow is too deep the temperature to warm making the snow melt and the trails a mess, and the roads are too wet for the road bike?

How about build a pump track! It looks like riding a pump track would be a great upper body workout, and great for building core strength. So I headed out to the back yard with a snow shovel, a shovel and a pick. Before long I was digging away in a t-shirt while huge snow flakes were falling all around.

After about 6 hours of digging I was a muddy mess but I had two of the three sides roughed out. My initial track will be triangular and then I plan on building an alternate route that will make it squareish. My track is on a bit of a slope so I will have a nice fast down hill section, and then some rollers to pump your way back to the top.

I posted some pictures on my store's website at:

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