Saturday, October 15, 2005

Alpine loop

I rode the alpine loop today. This is one of the most popular road bike rides in the area. However, I started from my house in Eagle Mountain which made this a 70+ mile trip. I sure was glad I had a triple, I don't think I could have done this on a double. I only stopped twice, once at the top of the loop, and once at the mouth of Provo canyon. At each place I stopped long enough to eat an apple and candy bar and then continued on.

I had noticed that I was only about 80 miles and 4,000 feet behind Brady for the fall challenge on I planned on also going up Squaw Peak, which I figured would put me ahead. However when I got to the turn off for Squaw Peak I just did feel like climbing it. So, I'm now ahead in feet but not in miles. However when Brady gets back in town I'm sure he'll start riding again and pass me back up.

The ride was about as nice as it can get. Nice fall temperature, and the leaves just past the summit were beautiful. It was almost like a mountain bike trip with the leaves on the ground on both sides of the trail, except this time it was a narrow road. When I got down past Sundance my speeds were approaching 40 mph. With the narrow road and turns I just didn't feel comfortable at those speeds so I was sitting up right as much as possible to catch as much wind as I could and still had to brake a lot to keep the speed below 40.

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