Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Daily Climb

Today was only the second time I was able to make it up the first hill after the gate. However today I made it further up after the hill without stepping out. The problem is the better I do on the bottom part of the canyon the worse I do later on. Obviously because it takes so much work and wears me down.

I think this picture is from above the hill that goes under the pipe. At this point the lake is just visible at the bottom of the V, but can not be made out in the picture. After that hill there is a real rocky section (OK the whole trail is rocky but these are bigger rocks) that while not as steep as other hills, was every bit as difficult because of the effort needed to plow through the rocks. On the way down it was quite scary as I was going a bit to fast and being thrown around a bit. For a minute I was afraid I would be tossed off the trail and into the dry river bed below.

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